Harbour Island, The Bahamas
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Here you will find an assortment of questions and answers that you may find useful when researching our community. We believe in transparency and providing only the facts regarding our project, presence, and local partnerships in the Harbour Island community.

Preserving Our Island Charm
How are you trying to help preserve the island charm and local culture?

We understand that we are visitors to Harbour Island and that the island belongs to local Bahamians. As part of our planning process, we shared plans for the project with Brilanders and solicited their feedback and input to ensure that the unique culture and island charm of Briland is maintained.

Is this community closed off to the public, or can I come on the property to use the amenities or attend as a local guest (e.g., open concerts on the green, restaurants, etc.)?

Unlike many private club properties, the local community and tourists staying at other properties will be welcomed to visit the marina village where they can enjoy food and beverage, as well as enjoy entertainment.

I hear you are preserving the “Haunted Mansion” as the centerpiece of this new Briland community. Can you tell me more about that?

Because we recognize the importance of this building to both locals and tourists, we are devoting exceptional resources to restore the Haunted Mansion to its former splendor.

How is Briland featuring local artisans and entertainers?

The culture of Briland is important to us. That is why we have made a commitment to utilizing local artisans on the property, and we will invite local entertainers to perform on a regular basis. We are committed to both creating opportunities for Brilanders, as well as connecting our guests to the local population.

How will Briland partner with the local businesses that have been operating here for years?

We have already communicated with local business owners about providing goods and services on the property. It is our intention wherever possible to increase and provide business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

In what ways does Briland give back to the community?

“A gift in secret subdues anger,” Proverbs 21:14.  In keeping with that idea, we prefer to give in ways that do not attract attention to us, and various members and groups in the local community are aware of our efforts.  Nevertheless, we started the process of forming a charitable foundation whose funds will be used for the benefit of Harbour Island.

Are there any environmentally green aspects that you are implementing into your designs of the buildings, marina, and residences?

Yes, by (1) using gray water for irrigation, (2) incorporating solar hot water heaters into building designs wherever possible, (3) using low impact lighting, (4) purchasing fruits and vegetables from local growers, (5) preserving vegetation, and (6) using environmentally sustainable products whenever possible.

What is your plan for handling light pollution?

We have designed the project to use the least amount of lights. We will use timers so that lights do not remain on when not required, downward-facing lights, and motion sensors, so lights are on only when needed.

Will the arrival of mega-yachts require dredging a new channel in the harbor?


Won’t the larger marina and increased boat traffic degrade the water quality and seagrasses that are an essential habitat for turtles and fish?

The new marina will have fewer boat slips than the one that formerly existed on the property.

The island already suffers from acute shortages of freshwater, wastewater treatment, and power. How do you plan on reducing the strain on the island when this new community comes alive?

To the extent we receive permission from the utility providers, we are prepared to provide 100% of the power and 100% of the freshwater required for the project. Also, we have applied for permission to create our own wastewater treatment plant.

Economic Impact
How does your new project benefit our local economy?

The Briland Club will provide employment, entrepreneurial partnerships, service contracts, job training, and mentorship programs across the entire property. We are committed to employing local Brilanders and giving them the tools and resources they need to take advantage of every opportunity our development has to offer.

Who do you plan to use for construction contracts? Will these be local companies or local skilled laborers?

Our mission is to ensure that local Briland companies have the first bid at every contract to ensure that the island has the maximum benefit from the development.

How many new job opportunities will exist within this community? What type of jobs will be available for those seeking employment?

Between employees and outside vendors with whom we will contract to provide various services, we expect to create more than 100 jobs.  This will include chefs, servers, housekeeping, information technology, accounting, guest services, spa technicians, sports coordinators, managers, maintenance, landscaping, artists, entertainers, and more.