Harbour Island, The Bahamas
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April / 29 / 2020
"I call it my island bliss."

At the end of a long day, Aldon Davis enjoys playing dominoes and hanging out with friends at the Fisherman’s Tent. There, local workers and fishermen swap the day’s stories and relax with one another.  There’s a sense of family and tranquility to the island that he loves.  From working at the dock, walking on the beach or fishing with his father, he enjoys taking in all that Harbour Island has to offer.  It’s what he calls his “island bliss.”

blog_detail1.jpgAldon has lived on Harbour Island, known locally as Briland, throughout his life. He has worked on the docks for the past seventeen years.  One day, a man who looked like a tourist approached him and asked if he liked what he was doing on the island. Aldon replied, “I’m very comfortable here. I’m good at working with people at the marina, the local workers and fishermen, as well as the boat owners and tourists.”

The more they talked, it appeared to Aldon that the man he was speaking with was more than just a tourist enjoying the island. In fact, the inquisitive man was a developer who had just purchased the marina where he was working and property in the surrounding area. Eventually, Aldon found out it was all part of a new development on the island, Briland Club.

The developer told Aldon he had heard good things about his skills and knowledge of the locals and winter residents on the island. It was at this time Aldon was asked to stay on the job while construction of the new marina got underway.  Aldon explains, “The management at Briland Club told me I was going to be involved in running the marina. They offered me the training and education to do it. I was very excited to get started. Nothing like this had ever been offered to me."

…he’s inspired me to do more than I ever thought I could.

Aldon was sent to British Columbia, Canada, to begin training to be a Certified Marina Operator (CMO) and, ultimately, Certified Marina Manager (CMM) from the Association of Marina Industries. Aldon commented, “The training opportunity I was given was invaluable to me. In my first week, I earned the certificate, Intermediate Marina Management. It covered topics like safe marina operations, OSHA compliance, and human resources. I told Briland Club that I would start with this training, but I wanted to work with them and the people of the island once the new marina was complete. Once that happens, I will continue training and learn from professionals. Then I will bring that learning back to Harbour Island, and apply it to an operational marina.”


Aldon continues to work at the project site, providing security for arriving supplies and access control while construction gets underway. He feels that Brilanders will have a chance at job and career opportunities if they put themselves out there. He says, “Most large properties and developments will have a job fair. They will look at your resume, background, and credentials and then never call you back. Briland Club is not like that. They will talk to you and get to know you and treat you as a person first. They believe everybody deserves a chance. The past is in the past. But it’s up to you to take advantage of opportunities when you have them.”